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What's Emily doing in hers this week...

...helping Nanny wash her windows!

The Gubberlove Journey...

We all know how children love to copy the jobs that grown-ups do, yet as parents, we were amazed that when we tried to find reusable yellow rubber gloves for our children to match the pairs available for adults… they simply did not exist!

This started our founder, Cathy Chillmaid on her journey to create the first reusable children's rubber glove that would not only allow little hands to tackle big jobs but also add comfort and protection. After many months of discovery, we are proud to introduce the worlds only miniature yellow rubber gloves for children.

Our aim: for our gloves to make life skills/games such as washing up and cleaning (mini Mrs & Mr Hinchs), gardening, pet care, car cleaning etc. A bit of fun for all family to get involved in.

The Cuffed Gubberloves

Our cuffed Gubberloves are available with either a bubble or paint splash design

Our gloves are available in 2 sizes,  XXS for ages 2-5 years and XS for ages 6-9 years.

The Original Gubberloves

Our original Gubberloves come in Yellow and can be ordered in packs of 10 - ideal for nurseries, schools, playgroups or children's parties.
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Our gloves are available in 2 sizes,  
XXS for ages 2-5 years and XS for ages 6-9 years.




See how some seriously stylish children are using our gloves...